In an effort to rip myself from the grips of old habits, this year, I have decided to unapologetically and wholly submit myself to vulnerability. Every ounce of me. Completely and one hundred percent committed to exposing myself, in all of my wonder or lack there of. In hopes of remembering who I am. Unveiling my truth and fueling my growth.

Through this vulnerability I offer up my reality. The deep down. The real, raw, and at times horribly ugly truth. Although, with a glance back at that last sentence I can hardly call it ugly. Because truth, truth is so incredibly beautiful. It is painful and on occasion overwhelmingly difficult. But my goodness how the weight of the world removes itself when you’re simply honest with yourself.

The transformation takes time, patience and practice. You cannot just say so and it will be. Which is exactly why I have chosen to make my practice an up front and center part of my everyday life.

You see, the sadness, the unhappiness, the discontent, creeps in ever so slowly. As if not to be caught, it gently enters with every decision that is not fully yours. Each time you quiet your own voice. Every unauthentic conversation. And especially, each and every time you push your heart’s truest desires to the wayside.

I found myself here. A stranger in my own life. And it’s okay. Because upon awakening I can take action. With action I can grow. Through growth, with luck, I can inspire. And by all of this, I will live.