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The Muse


I want to be your muse.

I want to light a flame in your soul

     and spark a desire within that you didn’t know existed.

I want to make you curious –

     about life, love, yourself.

I want you to look at me and feel alive,

     blood coursing through your veins, fast and hard.

I want to fill your thoughts with wild dreams

     and heart-racing, glorious fantasies.

I want you to drink me like coffee, until you’ve had your fill

     and drink me some more because you never will.

I want to be your energy.

I want to wake you up at night just to put you back to sleep.

I want to be the words rolling off your pen and onto your paper,

     over and over and over.

I want to be the chord you play when nothing else sounds right.

I want to be your passion source.

I want to be your muse.

Little Boy


My dear, sweet, perfectly imperfect little boy.

I adore you.

There are no words to clearly express the love that comes with being a mother.


No greater fear. No deeper pride.


You’ve changed my life forever.



Depth & Light


What comes from the soul cannot be understood, only pondered.

For if we look too deep we will find but one thing…

A depth so unending it would seem visible to the mind as only the universe can be.

A vast darkness penetrated by light.

Scattered Pieces


I’m taking this night to becoming a kite,

floating through my thoughts and stringing them together.

Piece by piece of puzzle I see,

scattered pieces, disconnected, yet free.

Stories untold of a heart’s fate,

what happened to life?

Is it ever too late?

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