To me, the  “about me” section of my blog has always seemed so intimidating. For whatever reason, I find it very difficult to try and sum myself up in the likes of a paragraph or two. Or maybe, it is simply that I don’t yet know enough about myself to feel confident in rattling on about who I am. Which is exactly why I’ve created this space and why I’d like to share with you instead, why I love to write.

Who am I? Such a beautiful, terrifying, confusing, exciting, overwhelming and seemingly always unanswered question. One, I thought, I’d be able to answer one day – after much reading, looking in, questioning, and learning – matter-of-factly. Yet, I realized at some point last year that I will always be asking that question. I will always be growing, changing, learning, discovering, who I am. At first I thought, well shit, “Why didn’t anyone tell me?! … That I’d be searching, for me, forever.” And then, before I knew it, it hit me. How incredible that we are all given the gift to grow, our entire lives. That is, if we choose to do so.

I am choosing. Everyday, to discover what I want out of this life. Who I want to be, what moves me, what fulfills me and inspires to be more than I am. Through creative expression I am able to uncover, bit by bit, what it is that defines me. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here. A documentation of my journey through self-discovery and the expression of myself through the art forms that mean something to me; art, dance, poetry, personal style and the written word.

Pushing myself to grow, and hoping to inspire you to do the same… This is why I write.